Uber Redesign

A proposal to change the current navigation



The current process to book an Uber can be confusing at times.


I have proposed a new navigation style to book an Uber.

Project Duration

This project was undertaken in my leisure time in January 2017.

My Role

This was an individual project

Design Process

Uber's Current Problems in Booking a Cab

After conducting a few user tests, these were the problems that were revealed:

User Flow Diagrams

Given the current and proposed user flows. The current design of Uber tries to minimize the screens and clicks, however their design is not in coherence with the user’s mental model of the app. The new design proposed, although adds a few more clicks, yet it is more intuitive since it follows the user’s mental model of the app. It allows the user to first select the source, then the destination and then request the Uber.

Proposed Design

Given below are wirefames of the new proposed design according to the navigation presented above.